RPJ Records
What We Believe
We believe Yahweh (God) has always spoken through the arts. As one of His original creations, it was meant to express Himself through His people. We believe He has made a way for these expressions through different forms. We believe He is still speaking in fresh new ways today, and that the world needs to hear it. We intend for RPJ Christian Arts Group to be the conduit by preserving these expressions and developing new ways to make them available for use by the Body of Christ all over the world. We intend to accomplish this mission in two ways.
1. To be a place of protection and establishment for creative people.
It is estimated that in an average week, the arts are seen, heard and enjoyed by more than two billion people world-wide. The whole point of actors, musicians, dancers, writers and other types of artisans is to express the things that drive us in this human existence -- joy and sadness, fury and fear, and the passions of their lives. And whether we realize it or not, these creative artists are influencing people: expressing through their art their own behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs. The question becomes: What message are these performers sending through their medium?
By helping creative people develop their gifts under proper guidance and accountability using Biblical principles, we accomplish two important purposes: we have an opportunity to speak into the life of that artist, while the artist, through their expressions, speak Spirit life in creative new ways into the world.
RPJ Christian Arts Group is an arts ministry wholly owned by a church, which also sets a new standard for accountability in business ethics. The way in which we handle relationships with individuals and churches is intended to establish a new standard of integrity among all music and arts companies.
2. To release works of a new standard, in both expression and content.
We believe many Christians have grown in their spiritual lives beyond the overly basic lyrics and themes the current companies continue to churn out. While man’s depravity and the salvation through Jesus are certainly important, but spiritual food beyond these basic levels is hardly ever delivered to the average Christian consumer. Even the modes of worship offered through conventional worship labels appears outdated to the current generation. Apostle Paul refers to it as “spiritual milk” in Hebrews 5:12.
We believe ministries and companies releasing music, dramas and other art forms have the obligation to equip Christians with principles of the Kingdom and fresh revelations of Biblical truth, as we are commanded in Ephesians 4:12. We also believe this can be accomplished in such new and creative ways as to draw in both the believer and non- believer without ever compromising the essential truth of the message.
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