RPJ Records
What makes RPJ different?
A Heart for the Church.
Almost all contemporary Christian music or art companies fall into one of two categories, along with their inherent flaws: 
Organizations categorized as a ministry are perceived as being very beneficial as a church organization, but generate little impact on a large scale.
Organizations categorized as a commercial record label are perceived by consumers as doing very little to support the Church body. Even the current major praise and worship labels live with the perception they are only “in it for the money.”
While in many ways RPJ will operate in the same professionalism as a conventional music company, its primary focus remains as a ministry: to serve the church with new expressions of worship, which we believe is part of a growing trend. More importantly, RPJ will be one of only a handful of Christian music companies established under, and directly accountable to, a church body. With such accountability to ministry and a heart for serving the church, RPJ Christian Arts Group is a groundbreaking new vision for the revival of the arts in the Body of Christ. We intend to seek out new expressions of Yahweh throughout the earth — not just within our own talent pool. When they first began, cur- rent praise & worship companies expressed a desire to harvest new moves of worship. Frankly, these labels have become fairly lax in this kind of effort today, preferring to tap the same small pool of worship leaders and songwriters again and again.
Seeking New Talents 
RPJ is already in conversation with over 30 churches and ministries regarding their worship leaders and original music compositions. It is intended that the musical scope and dimension of RPJ Christian Arts Group will be truly diverse!
New Technologies 
RPJ plans to use the most current technological advances to assist worship leaders, setting a new standard for products and services.
Enhanced CDs. In May of 1999, RPJ Records was the first Christian music company to announce the development of what is now called “resource recordings.” Every RPJ music release on CD will contain downloadable files as resources for worship leaders including chord sheets, transparencies and even computer presentation slides. Churches interested in using the music for worship will be allowed under license to make copies of these tools for use in their worship services. A link will also be on the CD, allowing users to link to the website. Phase One of the RPJ website ( allows worship leaders to download the same types of resources for all songs controlled by RPJMusic Publishing. Phase Two will include other features to help worship leaders keep up with new developments in praise & worship music, such as message boards, news boards, and other items suggested by our site visitors.http://www.rpj.orgshapeimage_5_link_0
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